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  • More Sparkle

    The RingTree Lighting system has been designed to light your tree from the trunk, out. Giving the tree more depth and light in every nook and cranny.

  • Less Waste

    You won't be throwing these lights away next year. You'll have to experience it for yourself, these lights do not tangle! If a bulb burns out, you only need to replace the short strand of 10 bulbs (rather than the entire set).

  • Easy Storage

    Every kit or extra set of lights comes with a reusable canvas bag. You'll be so happy with yourself when you go to decorate your tree next year and find all of your lights and rings in one place. Did we mention they don't tangle?

  • Customization

    Go From White to Multi Colour OR maybe White with Red or Blue. If you change your mind on the colour of your Christmas Tree lights (which Nancy encourages) all you need to do is order the string light colour you're looking for! They will fit your existing rings. 

  • Go Canadian: Add Red

    These lights will bring a special red glow to your Christmas Tree. RingTree lights are compact, re-usable, and extremely easy to store during off seasons.

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  • Is Blue Your Favourite Colour?

    Add some blue sparkle to your Christmas tree, a perfect match with the white lights that come in a full kit.

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  • Can't Decide? Go Multi!

    When you can't choose, all the colours is the right choice. Call it rainbow, confetti, or multi-colour, these lights are straight up FUN.

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How it Works

How it works
How it works

Picture the Holiday Spirit Flowing up your Tree Through the Rings.

Each RingTree Kit includes 4 rings, 3 connector cables, 1 plug in cable, 1 cUL certified wall adaptor, and 40 strands of lights (240 bulbs). If your tree stands tall at 6-7 feet, you'll find that 4 Rings spaced around 1.5 feet apart are the perfect amount to give your Christmas tree the merry makeover it deserves with a depth of light you've never been able to achieve until now. Bigger tree? Order an extra kit. Have fun customizing your tree with Extra String Lights in various colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a RingTree Lighting Kit different from standard string lights?

The RingTree Lighting Kit allows the tree decorator to light the tree tangle free from the trunk out giving the lights more depth for a fuller, brighter, sparkling tree. You won't need to run circles around your tree anymore. A perfect solution for a real or artificial Christmas tree.

How do I store my RingTree Lighting Kit?

Easy! You'll receive your kit in a reusable canvas bag. Pack the rings, the lights and the connectors inside and don't think twice about it until next year.

What happens if a bulb burns out?

The product comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty when used correctly. If a bulb burns out, you can easily replace the strand by ordering spares through RingTree Lighting.

Can I replace the lights in my string lights?

Order available replacement strings online in any of your favourite colours.

Can I bend my string lights into shape?

Yes, the rope strands are flexible and can be bent around Christmas tree branches.

Are the lights compatible with any other lights?

You can use the RingTree lights alongside other standard lights on your tree to add more color. They're also suitable for pre-lit artificial trees.

Are the lights and power cords standard for North American homes?

Yes, the lights are cUL certified and safe for use in both Canada and the US. They are for indoor use only.

Can I use my RingTree lights outside?

No, these lights are for indoor use only. If you're interested in this sysem for outdoor lights, please email me. If enough people would like them, I'll start working on it for next year!

Meet The Inventor

Innovation is in Nancy's DNA. Her father, an inventor himself, instilled in her a lifelong passion for creating solutions to everyday challenges. It was during her first Christmas as a single mother that Nancy faced a daunting task—untangling Christmas lights. Like many parents, grandparents, and caregivers, she experienced the stress that can accompany the holiday season. Out of this moment of intense frustration, the spark of inspiration ignited, giving birth to the RingTree Lighting system.

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